Hard Disk Drive Failure Symptoms and Hard Drive Recovery Possibilities

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Published: 21st September 2009
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Hard disk drive is the most significant, yet unreliable component of your computer system. This is a fact that it could fail at any point and cause critical data loss situations. But most of the computer users do not accept this fact and they take it for granted. The hard drive failure might occur in the form of either logical damage or physical damage. In both of these cases, hard drive recovery is required to get your mission critical and valuable data back.

Although, it is true that the computer hard drive could survive for several years, but the disk failure and data loss remains an unwanted reality. The major cause of this problem is the moving components of hard drive, user mistakes and increasing number of malicious programs. So the hard drives get damaged and render your critical data inaccessible. The hard drive failure is generally indicated by a number of signs. You should identify them and take corrective action to prevent data loss.

Hard drive failure symptoms

A pre-warning of the hard drive failure is not always given by the failing drive, but in most of the cases, related error messages and signs occur that helps you to prevent disk failure. The most common warning symptom of hard drive failure is the strange noise from hard drive such as clicking, scrapping and grinding. In case of logical disk failure, you might encounter a number of error messages or data inaccessibility like situations.


If the hard drive is making strange noises, you should immediately switch your system off to prevent further damage to drive. You are recommended not to try repairing the physically damaged drive on your own. Opening the drive is general environment might severely damage its sensitive platters and cause serious damage.

If you are experiencing hard drive failure due to logical damage, never run any disk repair utility on the affected drive. It might result critical problems, which require hard drive recovery to be sorted out.

Logical failure can be handled using hard drive recovery software. These are advanced third party applications, which methodically scan damaged drive to ensure absolute recovery. In case of physical damage, recovery is potential through hard drive recovery service. Recovery service is delivered through safe environment of Clean Rooms using cutting-edge technologies.

Stellar Information System Limited is the leading and trustworthy provider of high-quality recovery solutions. The service is carried out in clean and sterile environment of Clean Rooms by skilled professionals. Software are offered for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and Novell operating systems.

Author is researching on the hard drive related problems and explains the situations that can cause data loss .Author has given solution of hard drive recovery and suggested to use hard drive recovery softwarefor lost data recovery.

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