Windows Vista: Issues After Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk

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Published: 21st April 2009
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Windows Vista supports Dynamic Disk Volumes for its Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. In order to convert Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk, we can simply use 'Convert to Dynamic Disk' option of the disk through Disk Management. However converting back a Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk is not usual as it needs disk formatting and causes data loss from partitions. Data in such cases can be recovered using Partition Recovery Software.

Users report that in some cases, after converting a Windows Vista installed disk partition from Basic to Dynamic Disk Volume, certain issues are observed:

  • Dynamic Disk Volume can't be removed while users attempt to reinstall Windows Vista. The Delete command which appears at the time of installation .where you want to Install Windows dialog box if user reinstall, Windows is not available anymore.

  • If Dynamic Disk is to be converted to Basic Disk, all volumes are need to be deleted first and Dynamic Disk is converted to Basic Disk by using Convert to Basic Disk command through Disk Management tool. But in this case, this option becomes unavailable.

In order to solve these issues, users need to first backup all the data and format the volume. If Windows Vista is being reinstalled, the Setup program gives this option. Alternatively, diskpart.exe command can be used remove it. It can be accomplished from command prompt.

Users are advised to carry out the backup process in effective manner. Backup log report must be checked and also backup must be analyzed for all required files. However if partitions lose data when no valid data backup is available, Partition Recovery applications can be used to extract lost information.

Partition Recovery Software is the safe applications to restore lost, missing and damaged partitions' data. This software scans the affected drive to recover lost information, from Basic as well as Dynamic Disks. The applications are usually designed as read-only and hence can safely carry out recovery. Partition Recovery software is rich in interface. So users can easily use these applications without the aid of any technical knowledge. This software offer several advanced features to ease the process.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the powerful and safe Partition Recovery Software. The software supports Windows Vista, Server 2003, XP and 2000. It has a rich graphical interface. It can be used with any FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 based disk. The application provides various options like RAW File Recovery, Advanced Scan, Create Image, and File Filter.

Author is doing research on recovery related problems and discussed on the issues which arises at the time of converting Basic disk to dynamic disk .And describes that how a partition recovery software can be help full in partition recovery and dynamic disk volume related problem in vista.

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